By the King of Storms and the Prince of Hearts - Anonymous - Warhammer 40k (Novels) (2024)

At a time that wasn't a time, for he lived outside of time, when the warp currents were favorable, Lorgar Aurelian went to see his brother.

In one hand, he carried a bag of offerings; in the other, his power maul, Illuminarum, although he did not go to war. His crown of flaming horns lit his way and broadcast a warning to all warp denizens in his path. Ornate red robes flowed about him, embroidered with endlessly-shifting Words that delineated and guarded his essence from the greater Immaterium.

And they did guard him, even as he departed the non-space of Chaos United and entered the domain of the Blood God. His feet stepped lightly on the bones of the fallen and emerged dry from the pools of blood, for Lorgar knew who and what he was, and he was not of this place. Bloodletters slashed at his ankles and Bloodthirsters roared challenges, but he stepped around them, for Lorgar knew his purpose, and he was not here to fight.

The Brass Citadel loomed in the distance, but Lorgar was not here to visit the King of Storms. He reached into his bag of offerings and pulled out the skull of a Imperial Space Marine, slain in fair combat, and a brass jar of his blood; he placed them by the road to the Brass Citadel and spoke a prayer to the God he would not visit.

Then he turned aside, rotating eight times around in the geometry of this place, and took the road to Angron's domain.

The daemons were smaller here, although the path was still covered with blood and bones. Here and there Lorgar saw the ruins of a bone palace, or the carcass of a Greater Daemon. Once, Lorgar saw a mob of smaller daemons, Flesh Hounds, and the shades of humans, mobbing such a Greater Daemon and bringing it down.

Lorgar nodded his approval, and continued on.

Angron had no fortress, no palace or cathedral such as Lorgar and his other daemon brothers lived in. He had no use for such things. Today, since it was a peaceful day, Angron rested on a pile of skulls, belly down and wings folded over his back.

"Priest," Angron said, his voice sibilant with his many sharp teeth. The non-space around them shifted so that Lorgar was standing close to his brother, well within reach of the sword and axe that rested lazily in Angron's claws. "What do you want?"

"Only to see my brother again," Lorgar said.

Angron snorted. His breath reeked of blood and rotten meat, much like the rest of Khorne's lands. "Well, here I am, priest. What do you make of me? Are you pleased with your work?"

"I think that you are glorious," Lorgar said honestly. His brother's essence shone out through his new form, always powerful and always angry, but now at rest. Then he asked the question that had bothered him for centuries: "Are you pleased with what you are?"

Angron laughed. "I'm a daemon of Khorne, priest, we don't do 'pleased'." But he puffed himself up a little, showing off his wings and claws and the skulls that decorated him like jewelry.

Lorgar smiled. "Glorious," he said again, because saying it would reinforce the reality.

"Well, you've seen me," Angron said. "Now you can go back to your choirboys."

"I didn't come this far just to look," Lorgar said. He sat on the mound of skulls next to Angron's chainsword. It's a more comfortable seat than he expected, at least with his Words of protection to guard him.

Angron tilted his head towards him curiously, the metal cables in his head clattering as he moved. "Then are you here to fight? It doesn't seem very like you, priest."

"No," said Lorgar. "Just to spend time with my brother." Lorgar raised his hand, almost touching Angron's face before realizing he shouldn't. "Do those still hurt you? The Nails?"

"Trying to convince yourself you did me a good deed?" Angron's eyes glowed red as he looks over at Lorgar.

Lorgar sighed. "I don't regret what I did, Angron. But I do want to know how you are doing." The Words on his robes ripple, prepared to defend Lorgar if necessary.

"... Sometimes," Angron snorted. "It's stupid -- these things aren't really Nails and I don't really have a brain for them to affect, but if I remember that being near you should be a big f*cking headache --" Angron winced.

Lorgar gave a half-smile. "Stupid or not, that's how the Empyrean works." He focused for a moment, looking for the tangle of angry warp-threads that was Angron's pain, and whispered a Word of calming.

Angron's face relaxed, but then his eyes narrowed. "Did you do something?"

"About your pain? Yes, I tried. Did it help?"

Angron sighed. "Yes. But ask permission, next time, or I'll hurt you."

Lorgar frowned. "If I asked, would you have said yes?"

Angron tilted his head at him. "It's been thousands of years, priest, and you're curing a headache, not selling me to the Blood God. Give me a chance to say yes."

Lorgar looked Angron over for a moment, considering, then said, "Very well." There was a pause, and then Lorgar asked, "May I touch you?"

Angron huffed. "Yes."

Lorgar lifted his hand again, but this time he touched Angron's face. It was soft, like uncalloused skin, and tingled with the power beneath it. He lifted his other hand to the other side of Angron's face, cupping it affectionately, and then leaned towards Angron, his face glowing bright over Angron's. When Angron didn't pull away, he pressed his glowing lips against Angron's toothy maw.

"Huh," Angron said. "With how shiny you are, I expected that to burn." He lifted one hand and carefully held the back of Lorgar's head with it, fingers pressing between the horns of light. "You almost feel like a real person."

Lorgar grinned. "Thank you, I'm making an effort to that effect. Melding our essences, while appealing, would be ... extremely risky."

Angron laughed. "Yeah, I don't want to be stuck to you permanently, either. I like you better in your own body, priest."

The Words on Lorgar's face glowed as he grinned even wider, then leaned forward again to press a kiss to Angron's lips. This time, he let his tongue out to stroke Angron's teeth. They tasted of carrion, but Lorgar had long since overcome any squeamishness about the taste of death. It was worth it when Angron extended his tongue, too, long and thick, to wrap around Lorgar's and fill Lorgar's mouth.

Lorgar moaned and buried his hands in Angron's pseudo-Nails, holding his brother's face close as they kissed. After a long moment, Angron disentangled his tongue and gave Lorgar's lip a bite as he pulled away. "I see what you want from me, brother."

Lorgar smiled. "Only if you are amenable. If you don't want intercourse, or if the Blood God has taken the ability from you, I'm happy just to sit with you."

Angron growled. "No. I can still do that. I will show you, if you take those shiny robes off."

"...Of course." Lorgar parted the robes in the front and pulled them off, then carefully folded them and placed them in his bag. There were wards in those robes that Lorgar would want for the trip back. Only after he had secured his robes does he look back for Angron's response.

Angron was squinting at him. "The glow goes all the way down," he said.

"... Yes." Lorgar made an effort to dim himself.

"That wasn't a complaint." Angron reached out for Lorgar's narrow waist. His hand wrapped all the way around. "But you might need to make yourself bigger, if we're really going to do this."

Lorgar shivered pleasantly at the feeling of Angron's giant hand. Beneath it, a glowing co*ck adorned with Words of desire started to extend. "Maybe. But I'd like to get your armor off, first.

Angron let go of Lorgar and reared back onto his hooves to stand above him. "Not all of it comes off, priest." He shook himself, and most of his armor retreated into his flesh, as though he'd been tattooed in Nucerian bronze armor. Notably excluded were the tassets over his genitals, the skulls which hung around his neck, and the trophy rack behind his head. The trophy rack and skull necklace, he removed and tossed aside, then he untied his tassets from his waist. "Do you like what you see?"

"Yes." Lorgar liked it very much. It was big, and red, and hung between Angron's legs like it was going to get even bigger. It was covered with blunt studs that would tear up a human, but which made Lorgar's own hole twitch with anticipation. "It's glorious. May I touch it?"

"Yes. May I touch yours?" Angron went down onto his knees to give them both better access. Lorgar reached over to wrap his hand around the magnificent co*ck, shivering in pleasure as one hand failed to wrap all the way around. The studs tore into his hand as he stroked the co*ck, but he healed quickly and didn't mind a little spilled ichor as the co*ck grew even bigger in his hand.

In contrast, one of Angron's hands wrapped easily around Lorgar's hard co*ck. "How are you planning to do this, priest?" he said, giving the co*ck a rough squeeze that made Lorgar moan in delight.

Lorgar squeezed Angron's co*ck in return, spilling more of his own glowing ichor down the shaft. "I want this inside of me," he said, his voice thick with desire. "If that's what you want, that is."

"Like this?" One of Angron's fingers slid between Lorgar's legs, teasing the tiny hole and making Lorgar moan with pleasure. "You don't have to be this small."

"... No," Lorgar admitted. He squeezed Angron's co*ck again, moaning at the thought of having it inside him. "Size is arbitrary, here, but I ... enjoy the idea of taking so much of you in so little of me."

Angron grinned and leaned down to give Lorgar a kiss, then a bite on his lip. "I'm glad to see you admitting your own desires."

Lorgar moaned and pressed closer to Angron, so their co*cks almost touched. "I desire you, brother."

"It'll hurt you," Angron pointed out. "You'll bleed, like you are now."

Lorgar nodded. "Pleasure from one sworn to the Blood God never comes free. I make the sacrifice willingly."

Angron's head tilted and his voice dropped as he said, "Is this some ritual for you?"

"Angron, brother," Lorgar looked up at him, throat bared and lips close to touching his. "My desire for you is real and true. But we are what we are. If we couple, it will be a ritual, whether we intend it as one or not."

Angron laughed bitterly. "I'd remind you whose fault that is." His hand dropped from Lorgar's co*ck and hole, but he took hold of his brother's waist instead. The other hand slid over Lorgar's glowing chest, tracing the Words written there. The ritual, for those who bothered to look. "A ritual of reconciliation?"

"Yes. For us, and for our Gods. It's straightforward." Lorgar dropped Angron's co*ck and turned in his grip, showing his brother the parts of the ritual written on his back.

"And what do I have to do for it?" Angron asked, turning Lorgar forward again.

"f*ck me," Lorgar said. "Roughly." He shivered in anticipation and hope.

Angron traced the Words on Lorgar's chest. "Very well. Bend over for me."

Lorgar turned around and bent over, spreading his legs and bracing his hands against his knees to be as stable as he could. Silently, he said a prayer of thanks to all of the Gods as Angron pressed his co*ckhead against Lorgar's tiny hole, lubricated only by Lorgar's own ichor. Angron took hold of his hips in one hand and shoved.

Lorgar screamed.

Angron stopped, his co*ck barely halfway inside Lorgar's stretched and bleeding hole. "Good scream or bad scream?"

"Good scream. Very good scream. Oh. Oh, oh Prince and King, that's intense." Lorgar gasped, his eyes dripping tears of flame as his substance adapted to the welcome intrusion. "Keep going, I'm going to keep screaming for you."

Angron grunted, then held Lorgar tighter and pushed in deeper. Lorgar screamed again, but Angron didn't stop this time, he just gave another push, seating his co*ck deep inside Lorgar's too-small body. Ichor dripped down Lorgar's legs, libation to the Blood God, while Lorgar's screams and cries of pleasure called out to Another God Altogether.

"f*ck, you're loud," Angron said, as he pulled back. "I guess you're enjoying this."

"Yes, yes," Lorgar cried out. "You don't have to be gentle with me."

"I'm not," Angron said, but he thrust in harder, setting a hard rough pace that made Lorgar scream in delight and scatter ichor all over the skulls beneath them. "f*ck, Lorgar. You're so tight."

"You're so big," Lorgar replied, panting as he pushed back on the thrusts. "Oh, King of Storms, your spines tear me just right."

"You're a -- strange one, Priest," Angron said fondly. He bent over Lorgar, wrapping an arm around Lorgar's chest as he f*cked Lorgar harder.

"Oh, oh, oh Angron!" Lorgar screamed as he came, co*ck spilling come as his ass clenched down tight, drawing more ichor.

"Lorgar," Angron said in a low growl as he pushed in deep one more time and came long and hard, spilling his own essence deep inside Lorgar.

Lorgar sighed and relaxed in Angron's grip. His glowing body seemed dimmer now -- except for the place in his belly where Angron's come was pulsing into him, there he was as bright as before.

Angron licked the back of Lorgar's head, as close to a kiss as he could manage in this position, and waited until he was sure he was done coming and the bright spot had spread over Lorgar's whole back before he carefully pulled out.

"Mmm," said Lorgar, collapsing into Angron's lap as he sat back on his throne of skulls. Lorgar's body was slippery as mercury against him until he finally remembered his shape and settled, snuggled close against Angron's chest.

Angron caressed his strange brother with one clawed hand. "Ritual successful?"

"I think so," Lorgar wrapped his arms around Angron's arm, holding it close. "You?"

Angron rumbled with laughter. "I don't do rituals, priest. But it was good for me, too." Angron licked Lorgar's head, feeling unexpectedly peaceful.

"Good," said Lorgar. "Hand me my bag?"

Angron grumbled under his breath, "I'm not your servant," but he picked the bag up and handed it over.

Lorgar pulled out his robes, first. Instead of putting them back on, though, he spread them out over him and Angron as a sort of blanket, and sighed in contentment. "It was good to be naked for you, but it's good to have my wards back."

"They're tingly," Angron commented. "It's not bad, though. Makes me feel peaceful."

"Good," Lorgar said, and reached into the bag again. "I brought some treats for some good doggies, if there are any of those around here."

"There might be a few," Angron said, and whistled loudly between his teeth. From nowhere, flesh hounds came bounding up around them.

"So many good doggies." Lorgar extended one hand to be sniffed, and pulled out a bone with the other. "Who's a good doggy?" He tossed a bone into the crowd of hounds. "Don't fight, there's plenty more," he said, and pulled out another bone.

Angron laughed. "You're going to spoil them all," he said, and then, "Good dog," as he scritched it behind a horn.

By the King of Storms and the Prince of Hearts - Anonymous - Warhammer 40k (Novels) (2024)
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