Cookie Run: Kingdom beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks (2024)

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a building game with role-playing game elements. You’ll need to construct buildings, assign Toppings, build teams to battle, and power up your cookies to be powerful in the arena.

Cookie Run: Kingdom has an intriguing RPG story mode, a player-versys-player (PvP) battle mode, and many ways to export the goods that you’re making in your kingdom.

With so much to do in Cookie Run: Kingdom, starting can be daunting. We’ll guide you through some beginner tips to keep you on track to making a huge and powerful kingdom.

Pick a server for your play style

There are two servers to choose from when you start fresh in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Pure Vanilla is the first server to exist, and Hollyberry is the newer option.

Players in Pure Vanilla tend to be further in the game, which means PvP content there will be harder. Hollyberry is newer, so you won’t run into super experienced players who have been playing since day one.

If you want to play with your friends, you all need to pick the same server.

Don’t rush to upgrade your buildings

While it might be tempting to immediately upgrade all your buildings immediately, don’t. While upgrading the buildings that give you raw materials like Roll Cake Wood and Sugar is fine early on, wait to upgrade buildings that help you make products like Robust Axes and Jellybean Jam.

Cookie Run: Kingdom beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks (1) Image: Devsisters via Polygon

As you upgrade these production buildings, they’ll require more and more intensive items. The Bear Jelly Train and Tree of Wishes will only ask for these items if your buildings have them unlocked, and they can be expensive and overwhelming to make if you’re not prepared.

Your buildings should always be making something

Keep your buildings cookin’. These will continue to make items when your app is closed, so queue up as many things as you can. It’s better to have a large stock of items rather than to make items to order, so just load up on stuff.

Toppings are important for power

If your cookies lack strength, make sure you have as many Toppings equipped to them as possible.

Toppings are the equipment system in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and different Toppings boost different stats. Put defensive Toppings on your frontline cookies and cooldown or attack Toppings on your healers and attacker cookies.

Cookie Run: Kingdom beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks (2) Image: Devsisters via Polygon

There are three tiers of toppings. Don’t invest too much into upgrading your Toppings until you’re able to get the M-sized Epic Toppings, since you’ll hit a point where XS and S sizes aren’t useful. (You can check the size and rarity of a Topping by tapping on it.)

Treasure is just as important as your cookies

In addition to cookies and Toppings, you take three Treasures with you to every battle, each with their own effects. Some passively raise your defense or attack, while others put up barriers, heal your party, revive a party member, or add a debuff to enemies. These are also really important because certain bosses have buffs you can negate, or you might need an extra layer of protection when fighting a tough stage.

You can swap out your Treasure on the team edit screen that appears before you start a level. The three hexagons above your cookies are your Treasures. Make sure to equip Treasure and upgrade them as you get duplicates in the Treasure Gacha.

Grab Cookie Soulstones to get new cookies and upgrade existing cookies

If you’re not having great luck in the Cookie Gacha, you can always use Cookie Soulstones to unlock new cookies. You can grab Cookie Soulstones from completing specifically labeled Dark Mode levels, turning in PvP currency, or trading Rainbow Shells in at the Rainbow Shell Gallery. It takes 20 Soulstones to create a cookie.

Notably, Rainbow Shells reward shards for the Legendary Sea Fairy Cookie, and Ancient Cookie shards are available for PvP currency.

Cookie Run: Kingdom beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks (3) Image: Devsisters via Polygon

Even after you get your cookie, keep collecting Soulstones to upgrade them and bost their stats up even higher. Because of Soulstones, you don’t need to spend money on the game to get every cookie.

Keep refreshing in the PvP Kingdom Arena

You can refresh your list of potential Kingdom Arena opponents for free every 30 minutes, so refresh your opponent list and take down people below your power level whenever you can. It’s surprisingly easy to hit a high rank just by doing this. There are people in Platinum and above tiers with shockingly low power levels.

The Kingdom Arena is an optional gameplay element that you don’t really need to participate in to make progress, but the rewards are pretty good, so it’s worth dipping your toes in.

Cookie Run: Kingdom beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks (2024)
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