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Dark Resolution's Glorious Return

A new update is here! Will Dark Cacao Cookie be able to conquer
both Mystic Flour Cookie and his own inhibitions in time?

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Dark Cacao Cookie (Dragon Lord) is Here!

The new Cookie is... Dark Cacao Cookie again? Yes, really!
Witness the first Cookie to achieve Awakening.

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Peach Blossom Cookie is Here!

A saccharine scent wafts through the air, making you forget all of your worldly worries...

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Beast-Yeast Episode 4

Climb the peaks of the Realm of the Immortals with Dark Cacao Cookie
and put an end to Mystic Flour Cookie's nihilistic plans.

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Dark Cacao Cookie (Dragon Lord)

Peach Blossom Cookie

Mystic Flour Cookie

Cloud Haetae Cookie

Newest Magic Candies & Crystal Jams

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Cookie Run: Kingdom is Devsisters' eighth game in the Cookie Run series, releasing worldwide on January 21st, 2021. A departure from the runner gameplay of the original, it features both real-time battle strategy and city-building, with a wide cast of unique Cookies and a customizable Kingdom.

It tells the story of Cookies who create a Kingdom of their own to call home. Throughout their adventures, they explore other ancient Kingdoms, battle fierce adversaries of the Darkness, and unravel the mysteries of the Ancient Heroes who disappeared from the world.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (27) Limited-Time Events

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  • Beast Raid
    Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (29) 7 days, 8 hours, 7 minutes and 52 seconds (Update)
  • Dark Cacao Cookie's Daily Gifts
  • Light of True Resolution
  • Dark Cacao Pass
  • Master of Dark Resolution
  • Explore Beast-Yeast!
  • Beast Raid Missions
    Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (36) 7 days, 22 hours, 8 minutes and 52 seconds (Update)
  • Tower of Adventures Launch Event
    Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (38) 22 days, 8 hours, 7 minutes and 52 seconds (Update)
  • Pagoda of Apathy Adventures
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Jun 12 - Jul 10


Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (42) 21 days, 22 hours, 8 minutes and 52 seconds (Update)

Light of Apathy Gacha

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (44)

Peach Blossom Cookie

Darkness Gacha
Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (49) 6 days, 22 hours, 8 minutes and 52 seconds (Update)
Game Modes[Expand]

Today's Bounties
Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (51) Sugar Crystals +30%
Dawning World Season 3
Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (53) 8 hours, 8 minutes and 51 seconds (Update)
Cookie Alliance Season 2-9
Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (55) 6 days, 8 hours, 8 minutes and 51 seconds (Update)

Latest Update

Dark Resolution's Glorious Return
Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (57)Time left: 7 days, 22 hours, 8 minutes and 52 seconds (Update)

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (71)From ancient heroes and fantastic creatures to war officials and popstars, our Cookie friends come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors! Meet the crunchy subjects of your kingdom here.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (72)Even the bravest of heroes are nothing without those they met along the way. Learn about the colorful cast of supporting characters who cheer the fighting Cookies on!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (73)Need a new look? Come visit Mont Blanc Cookie's boutique for fashionable skins for your Cookies!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (74)Strange, powerful collectibles exist throughout the land of Earthbread that can enhance your Cookies' skills in battle. Take a look in the vault for a Treasure that could tip the scales in your favor!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (75)The adventures of Cookie Run have progressed far past just escaping the oven! From tales of political espionage and sea monsters to those of concerts and magic schools, the Cookies' paths extend ever-forward! Where to next?

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (76)Try your luck at inviting your favorite Cookies into your kingdom and stay up-to-date on who is currently the easiest to pull!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (77)Running Cookies...? Dessert civilization? How did we get here?! Read all about what happened throughout the history of Cookie Run: Kingdom's world to make the Cookies and kingdoms we know today.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (78)Prove your Cookies' battle prowess! Play with your friends, against other kingdoms, or on your own all for rewards.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (79)Cake Monsters, fruit pirates, waffle robots, oh my! Prepare yourself for battle by reading up on the relentless adversaries of Earthbread's peace.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (80)There's always something going on in the kingdom. Partake in the always-changing Events of Cookie Run: Kingdom to earn valuable resources and other goodies!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (81)It isn't your kingdom unless you make it your own! Hundreds of furniture pieces lie at your fingertips—why not decorate your Cookies' home?

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (82)No flourishing nation is complete without a stable economy. Stay current with your kingdom's assets and watch the Coins come pouring in!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (83)

✦ •Wiki News• ✦

May 22, 2024

After seemingly ages of waiting... it's finally here. We at the wiki are proud to welcome the long-awaited Windmill Garden to the game. Let the Wizard Gnomes manage your Cookie Houses and production buildings in this neat little place, and decorate the rest of the Kingdom to your heart's content!

Huh? Something else we should be talking about? A new Beast-Yeast episode? A new and even higher-powered Cookie rarity? Some kind of twisted religious figure trying to white out the Dark Cacao Kingdom? That does all sound like big news... but somehow this flour fog is making us feel really apathetic to all that...

April 1, 2024

Happy April Fools Day! It seems that GingerBrave has finally had a growth spurt! Skitter, skitter...

Oh, and there also seems to be a grassy presence nearby...?

March 27, 2024

Hope you're ready for an NPC update, because the Cuckoo Town Square is plain loaded with them. Caramel Choux Cookie must have some serious gacha luck on her side to have gathered such a crowd of Cookies—maybe if you do enough Town Square dailies, some of that luck might rub off on you? Be sure to visit and participate in flash mobs, marvel at the laxness of the profanity filters, and try not to stare too much at that cool-looking stranger with the bike.

January 19, 2024

Our Cookies have finally arrived at the mythical land of Beast-Yeast, a terrifying place where forgotten evils wait, faeries trade their flavors for silver, and Toppings lose all substats. Collect Beascuits while exploring the once-hidden Faerie Kingdom to earn new power for your Cookies, and solve the mystery of how White Lily Cookie could possibly be a separate living character again if Dark Enchantress Cookie is still around.

July 4, 2023

Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (88)Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki (89)

As June has drawn to a close, we at the Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki would like to thank everyone for a truly fantastic and spirited LGBTQ+ Pride Month! It warms our hearts that our community is as passionate about gender and sexual equality as we are, and we look forward to continuing to fight for further LGBTQ+ representation in media—in Cookie Run: Kingdom itself and in all other franchises, as well. Check out this list of characters in Kingdom who use they/them pronouns to peruse the representation that exists in-universe!

Alongside this, we wish to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month's close relative—Disability Pride Month! Though often overshadowed, it is important to take the time to cherish and appreciate those with disabilities—physically, mentally, and otherwise—and recognize their innate worth. We recognize the value of those able-bodied and neurotypical holding solidarity with those disabled, and we will continue to promote such for as long as we remain here. Cookie Run: Kingdom has its fair share of lovely disabled folks as well, like Black Raisin Cookie, Dark Choco Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Prune Juice Cookie, Baumkuchen Cookie, and many more!

Thank you for celebrating LGBTQ+ and disabled folks with us. Here's to their happiness, fulfillment, and safety, and to a wonderful Disability Pride Month!

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