Jefferson County Ky Pva (2024)

1. Jefferson County PVA

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  • The Jefferson County PVA is responsible for applying a fair and equitable assessment to residential properties, commercial properties, and more.

2. Jefferson County PVA | Louisville KY - Facebook

  • Our Mission: To provide Jefferson County fair and equitable assessments with best-in-class customer. 󱙶. Follow. 󰟝. Posts.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

3. Kentucky Property Valuation Administrators - Parcel Management

  • McKee, KY 40447. Office: (606) 287-7634 Fax: (606) 287-7079. Jefferson Jefferson County KY PVA 531 Court Place, Suite 504. Louisville, KY 40202-3393. Office ...

  • Counties beginning with "A" (BACK TO TOP) Adair Adair County PVA 424 Public Square, Suite 2 Columbia, KY 42728 Office: (270) 384-3673 Fax: (270) 384-3693 Allen Allen County PVA 201 West Main Street P. O. Box 397 Scottsville, KY 42164 Office: (270) 237-3711 Fax: (270) 237-5074 Anderson Anderson County PVA 101 Ollie Bowen Court Lawrenceburg, KY 40342 Office: (502) 839-4061 Fax: (502) 839-3648 Counties beginning with "B" (BACK TO TOP) Ballard Ballard County PVA 132 North 4th Street Wickliffe, KY 42087 Office: (270) 335-3400 Fax: (270) 335-3460 Barren Barren County KY PVA 117-2B North Public Square P. O. Box 1836 Glasgow, KY 42142-1836 Office: (270) 651-2026 Fax: (270) 651-6895 Bath Bath County KY PVA 17 West Main Street P. O. Box 688 Owingsville, KY 40360 Office: (606) 674-6382 Fax: (606) 674-9526 Bell Bell County PVA 101 Courthouse Square P. O. Box 255 Pineville, KY 40977 Office: (606) 337-2720 Fax: (606) 337-2566 Boone Boone County PVA 2950 Washington Square P. O. Box 388 Burlington, KY 41005 Office: (859) 334-2181 Fax: (859) 334-2126 Bourbon Bourbon County KY PVA 301 Main Street, Suite 15 (Courthouse) Paris, KY 40361 Office: (859) 987-2152 Boyd Boyd County KY PVA 2800 Louisa Street, Suite 302 P. O. Box 434 Catlettsburg, KY 41129 Office: (606) 739-5173, ext. 0 Fax: (606) 739-4188 Boyle Boyle County KY PVA 321 West Main Street Danville, KY 40422 Office: (859) 238-1104 Fax: (859) 238-1131 B...

4. PVA Property Search (Jefferson County) | Louisville Free Public ...

  • Contains information about properties in Jefferson County, including information about the owners, the assessed value, the building characteristics, ...

  • Contains information about properties in Jefferson County, including information about the owners, the assessed value, the building characteristics, the sales history and more. It is only available for use at the library.

5. Jefferson County Property Valuation Office

6. Property Tax Search and Payment -

  • For Payment Plans and Waivers contact the Jefferson County Attorney's Office online or at 502-574-6331. You can search your real estate taxes by Property ID, ...

  • The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is the primary property tax collector for state, metro, Louisville district, school, fire, and other special district taxes. We collect approximately 900 million dollars per year, from over 300 thousand taxpayers, for 13 different taxing jurisdictions.

7. Jefferson County PVA Public Meeting | Prospect, KY

  • Hosted by the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator and Mayor John Evans. PDF icon 2022 Property Assessment Area 9 Meeting.

  • If you are a property owner in MLS Area 9 (includes areas in and around Bancroft, Barbourmeade, Broeck Pointe, Briarwood, Coldstream, Creekside, Crossgate, Fincastle, Glenview, Glenview Manor, Glenview Hills, Graymoor-Devondale, Goose Creek, Green Spring, Hickory Hills, Hills and Dales, Langdon Plac

8. Jefferson County PVA releases 2021 property value reassessments

  • 23 apr 2021 · The Jefferson County PVA is sending property value reassessment postcards out now to more than 100000 addresses in Louisville.

  • The Jefferson County PVA is sending property value reassessment postcards out now to more than 100,000 addresses in Louisville.

9. Make Ends Meet: Understanding new PVA assessments - WAVE 3

10. Jefferson County PVA - Louisville, Kentucky - KCREA

  • Jefferson County PVA. 815 W. Market St. Ste 400. Louisville, KY 40202 502-574-6380 [Office] · Send Email · Back to Search.

  • Jefferson County PVA deals with commercial real estate property listings in Louisville, Kentucky

11. Real Estate Tax | Jeffersontown, KY - Official Website

  • ... Jefferson County property valuation administrator (PVA), and the real property tax rate levied by Jeffersontown's city government. The 2021 Jeffersontown ...

  • Property tax information is available online.

12. Property taxes expected to increase in Jefferson County |

  • 24 apr 2024 · LOUISVILLE, Ky. — It's reassessment time, and property taxes ... Jefferson County property valuation administrator Colleen Younger and PVA ...

  • Jefferson County property valuation administrator Colleen Younger and PVA staff will be holding a press conference on April 25 at 10 a.m.

13. Property values across eastern Jefferson County have been ...

  • 25 apr 2024 · The Jefferson County PVA is revaluing thousands of residential and commercial properties ... Kentucky law requires the PVA to reassess properties ...

  • The Jefferson County PVA is revaluing thousands of residential and commercial properties. Owners who disagree can appeal to the office starting Friday.

14. 2023 property value reassessments in Louisville: Here's what to know

  • 20 apr 2023 · The Jefferson County PVA divides the county into nine "market areas" that are grouped and reassessed once every four years. Property owners ...

  • The Jefferson County Property Valuation Administration will mail more than 84,000 notices to property owners as part of its 2023 assessment process.

15. Louisville homeowners brace for higher tax assessments as PVA ...

  • 26 apr 2024 · Property taxes fund Jefferson County Public Schools, fire departments and city services. Because the PVA expects so many appeals, it has ...

  • The Jefferson County PVA said it expects thousands of people to appeal.

16. LOJIC Online

  • Oldham County. 2002. 2006. 2016. 2021. -. + ... Jefferson County PVA · Louisville Water Company. MSD Building; 700 West Liberty Street; Louisville, KY 40203 ...

  • The Louisville/Jefferson County Information Consortium (LOJIC) is a multi-agency partnership to build and maintain a Geographic Information System (GIS) to serve Louisville Metro and Jefferson County. 

17. [PDF] 2022-2026 DIRECTORY

  • Edwards, PVA. Page 70. 12/22. 56. Jefferson County. Colleen Younger, PVA. Glassworks Building. 815 W. Market Street. Suite 400. Louisville, KY 40202-2654.

Jefferson County Ky Pva (2024)


Which county in KY has the highest property taxes? ›

Campbell County has the highest average effective rate in the state at 1.36%, while Carter County has the lowest rate at a mere 0.49%.

How long do you have to pay property taxes in KY? ›

Tax Bills Delivered to SheriffBy September 15
Taxes are Due and Payable with 2% DiscountSeptember 15 – November 1
Taxes are Payable at Face ValueNovember 2 – December 31
Unpaid Tax Bills Become Delinquent. Pay with a 5% PenaltyJanuary 1 – January 31
3 more rows

What does a PVA do in KY? ›

The Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) is the local official responsible for assessing most real property in the county. All real property is subject to being revalued every year and all real property parcels must be physically inspected by the PVA office no less than once every four years.

How do I pay my property taxes in Jefferson County, KY? ›

Payments may be made online at eCheck provides quick and easy electronic transfer of funds from your existing bank account for payment.

What age do you stop paying property taxes in Kentucky? ›

A person or persons owning, living in and maintaining a residential unit must meet the 65 years of age requirement. If only one spouse is 65, the age requirement is met.

How much are property taxes in Jefferson County, KY? ›

Overview of Jefferson County, KY Taxes

Property taxes in Jefferson County are slightly higher than Kentucky's state average effective rate of 0.80%. Properties in Jefferson County are subject to an average effective property tax rate of 1.05%.

When should I use PVA? ›

You would typically apply PVA to a wall around 24 hours before plastering. You can then apply a second coat of PVA just before plastering. This second coat of PVA should be left to go tacky but not dry before plastering. Using this method improves the plasters adhesion and helps to create a more durable finish.

How does PVA work? ›

Under the PVA scheme, businesses can defer the payment of import VAT until their next VAT return is due. This means that instead of paying import VAT upfront at the time of import, businesses can account for the VAT on their VAT return and pay it at the same time as the VAT due on their domestic sales.

What are two uses of PVA? ›

PVA is mainly used to manufacture water-soluble films. Applications include water treatment chemicals, dyes, laundry detergents, agricultural chemicals, disinfectants, industrial cleaning chemicals, etc.

How long can property taxes go unpaid in Kentucky? ›

How long do I have to pay the buyer? The buyer may institute a foreclosure action in court against you for the unpaid debt one (1) year after the bill becomes delinquent.

Does paying property tax give ownership in Kentucky? ›

According to T.C.A. § 28-2-109, a party that has continuously paid the state and county taxes on a property for more than twenty (20) years, and has had “assurance of title” for more than twenty (20) years, will create a “rebuttable presumption” that he or she is the title owner of the property in question. T.C.A.

What tax districts are in Jefferson County KY? ›

State, Metro Louisville, school, and fire districts apply to all taxable property in Jefferson County. Some special districts such as the Urban Service District (old City of Louisville boundaries), the Louisville Downtown Management District, or a Home Rule City may apply depending on property location.

Which counties have the highest property taxes? ›

U.S Counties with highest property taxes
  • Nassau County, New York: $567,200.
  • New York County, New York: $1,029,900.
  • Putnam County, New York: $383,300.
  • Rockland County, New York: $471,000.
  • Suffolk County, New York: $435,000.
  • Westchester County, New York: $583,600.
  • Falls Church city, Virginia: $895,000.
Mar 31, 2024

What is the highest tax rate in Kentucky? ›

Kentucky has a flat income tax of 4.5%. That rate ranks around the national average for states that charge income tax. At the same time, cities and counties in Kentucky may impose their own occupational taxes directly on wages, bringing the total tax rates in some areas to up to 7.25%.

How much are property taxes on house in KY? ›

FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 1, 2022)—The Kentucky Department of Revenue (DOR) has set the 2022 State Real Property Tax Rate at 11.5 cents per $100 of assessed value.

What state has the highest home property tax? ›

Hawaii is the state with the lowest real estate property tax rate, while New Jersey is the state with the highest, according to personal finance site WalletHub. In a report released Feb. 20, WalletHub determined the states with the highest and lowest property taxes.

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