_____the increasing popularity of the Irish rock band Cornerstone, many concert promoters have invited the group to perform in cities across the U. (2024)

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  • refer to the following conversation.
  • refer to the following conversation.
  • refer to the following conversation.
  • refer to the following conversation.
  • refer to the following conversation.
  • refer to the following conversation.
  • refer to the following conversation.
  • refer to the following conversation.
  • refer to the following conversation.
  • refer to the following conversation.
  • refer to the following conversation with three speakers.
  • refer to the following conversation and list. Friday Dinner Reservations Seating Capacity Tables Available 2 4 4 3 6 0 10 2
  • refer to the following conversation and list. Section Price Main Floor – Center $45 Main Floor – Left/Right $40 Balcony - Center $35 Balcony - Left/Right $30
  • refer to the following recorded message.
  • refer to the following advertisem*nt.
  • refers to the following announcement.
  • refer to the following telephone message.
  • refer to the following talk.
  • refer to the following announcement.
  • refer to the following talk.
  • refer to the following news report.
  • refer to the following recorded message and schedule.Itinerary for Mr. Robert WarrenDateFlight No.DepartureArrivalFriday, May 1Sunwing Airlines 342LondonIstanbulFriday, May 1Sunwing Airlines 893IstanbulBangkokSunday, May 10Sunwing Airlines 564BangkokNew DelhiSunday, May 10Sunwing Airlines 1163New DelhiLondon
  • refer to the following news report and map.
  • Please send ________ application and portfolio to the human resources department no later than July 31.
  • Consumers must carefully read the nutritional facts indicated_____the labels of food products they purchase.
  • Before Mr. Mosby became a supervisor, he was ______ a front desk receptionist at a hotel in Bali, Indonesia.
  • Don’t miss the chance to see the _____tricks of our dolphins and sea lions at the daily Aqua Buddies Show.
  • The local government provides tax exemptions to _____ small business owner in the city.
  • Wealth Guide is a _____business newsletter provided for the clients and investors of ADG Insurance Corporation.
  • All Deskman Shipping staff must always _____ phone-in orders of office supplies to clients without delay.
  • Only the candidates who meet the _____standards for the scholarship application from the Foundation will be given grants.
  • Computer suppliers interested in participating in the bidding must request a list of_____ requirements for procurement.
  • During his tour of the newly constructed building, Mr. Pierce was _____by some staff members of the engineering office.
  • The city created several bike lanes in order to encourage citizens to decline driving to work _____ biking instead.
  • An experienced store manager considers customer _____ a useful means of improving the services of his or her company.
  • Supervisors are required to submit progress reports to the senior project manager on a monthly_____.
  • To keep the baking ingredients organized, make sure that the containers in the kitchen are labeled _____.
  • The local government has conducted an investigation to _____ the cause of the fire in Charlton Residences.
  • Crosswind Properties runs team building seminars every year to inspire collaboration _____all of its employees.
  • Marketers _____ evoke the important qualities of products they advertise through various forms of media.
  • Everyone in the advertising agency is putting _____ effort into designing the marketing campaign to achieve excellent results.
  • We have received _____from Eton Daily about a new advertising package it wants to offer us.
  • Mr. Homer Crawford _____ chairman of Northern Energy Corporation at the company’s shareholders meeting today.
  • The cost of the two-bedroom apartment is $900 a month and, as _____ in the rental agreement, pets are not permitted.
  • Complaints about the bank’s online services have become _____ since the IT department fixed the problems on the Website.
  • Dr. Carmen Watson’s lecture put an _____on how medical practitioners could efficiently respond to emergency situations.
  • With its net earnings _____ by 25% every year, Kingston Foods is the most profitable company of Holerton Holdings, Inc.
  • Please be reminded that client information should be used for business purposes only, and _____must be kept confidential.
  • Coring the political debate, the candidate from Sheffiod North _____ his opponent’s assertion that he had no significant leadership experience.
  • Mr. Carson received his Certificate of Participation_____ three days of completing the pottery workshop at Rodney Museum.
  • _____the increasing popularity of the Irish rock band Cornerstone, many concert promoters have invited the group to perform in cities across the U.K.
  • Many types of alternative fuels have been invented over the years, _____ of which have permanently replaced conventional energy sources.
  • Axer Automotive’s recent recall of the M2400-model motorcycle was the result of customer complaints _____to malfunctioning brake lights.
  • refer to the the following instructions. Thank you for purchasing Century Company’s Photograph Archivist Kit. (131) ___. By following these basic instructions, you can (132) ___ your old family photos for generations to come. First, use the brush included with this kit to remove dust from the surface of each picture. Then, (133) ___ place each photograph into an individual plastic sleeve, and store the archival folder in a cool, dark environment. Remember: When handling your old pictures, be sure to wear the cotton gloves provided.(134) _____, oil and dirt may be transferred onto the photographs and damage the surfaces.
  • refer to the following e-mail. To: Henry Stevenson ([emailprotected]) From:Mailtime Storage ([emailprotected]) Date: May 17 Subject: Failure noticeDear Customer, We are writing to inform you that an error during (135) ____ of your e-mail resulted in an unsent message.The message sent to [emailprotected] on May 16 at 23:03 failed to be delivered. (136) ____.We have not detected any malfunctions with our internal server. Therefore, we recommend resending the message. Should the same issue occur again, it is possible that the account of the intended recipient (137) ___.However, if you cannot successfully send messages to (138) ___ contact, please inform our customer support department by calling 1-800-555-9506.Please note that this is an automated message. Do not reply.Sincerely,The Mailtime Storage Team
  • refer to the following e-mail.To: Steven Herzog ([emailprotected])From: Marie Swain ([emailprotected])Subject: Barton Public Park Art InitiativeDate: November 9Dear Mr. Herzog,(139) ____our preliminary evaluation of your portfolio, we think you are well qualified to lead our art project. Your past work is contemporary and eye-catching, and it would definitely be a beautiful addition to the walls and buildings of Barton Public Park.(140) ____. It will be held at City Hall on November 20 at 3 P.M. During this time, you (141) ____ to describe your artistic vision and provide sketches of the pieces you propose to paint in the park.If you're unsuccessful on this occasion, we will consider (142) ____ for future art projects in Astoria City if a suitable assignment arises.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.Regards,Marie SwainParks and Recreation DepartmentAstoria City Council
  • refer to the following letter.Peggy Shelton75 St. James BoulevardHorton, KS 66439Dear Ms. Shelton,This letter accompanies the replacement of the malfunctioning Nexal-360 blender from Nexal Manufacturing. We’re sorry that you had trouble with the original model you bought, but we’re confident that the enclosed device will be (143) ___.The Nexal-360 blender will be a useful addition to your kitchen for years to come. For safety reasons, and to prevent damaging the plastic base, you should keep the device away from heat sources (144) ___toaster ovens, stoves, and furnaces. We have also included a bonus item for you. (145) ____. It is a blade specially designed for chopping ice in your blender. For information about changing from one blade to another, please (146) ___ the manual.Thank you for being a Nexal Manufactoring customer!The Nexal Manufactoring Team
  • refer to the following advertisem*nt.Now Open Pedro’s Cantina 755 Lincoln AvenueColumbia, South CarolinaPhone : (571) 288-3219Come enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine and the best Margaritas in town!On Friday and Saturday nights, we have live mariachi music from 8 P.M. until closing.Business Hours Tuesday - Thursday: 11:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.Friday and Saturday: 11:00 A.M. - 12:00 A.M.Sunday: 12:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.
  • refer to the following text message chain. John Tylor John Tylor 1:30 PM. Did you see Mike Bunders on the talk show last night? Mary Ammon 1:33 P.M. No, I had some overtime work to do. John Tylor 1:34 P.M. He is such a funny guy. Mary Ammon 1:36 P.M. Right! He sure is a great comedian. I wish I had watched it. John Tylor 1:37 P.M. Oh, in that case, you can see it tomorrow! I heard they’re rebroadcastingit at 9PM. on the same channel. Mary Ammon 1:38 P.M. Really? That’s great! I should write it down somewhere, in case I forget. Send
  • refer to the following letter.Hemingshire Antiques 142 St. Andrews Road, Fife, Scotland, KY16 APNDear Collectors,Due to an overwhelming supply of new items for sale, Hemingshire Antiques will be expanding its facilities. — [1] —. The expansion will include extensive renovations to our showroom and storage space. — [2] —.These renovations will take about 6 weeks this fall. — [3] —. As a result, the showroom will be closed from September 16th to November 1st. In the meantime, our online store will remain active to service our customers. — [4] —. We encourage you to view our new inventory online at www.hemingshire.antiques.co.uk.Stay tuned for an announcement regarding our grand re-opening sale in November.Alan Babco*ck,Alan Babco*ckOwner, Hemingshire Antiques
  • refer to the following advertisem*nt.Tailor Made Fitness Get fit with a custom package from Tailor Made Fitness! Design your own Fitness program!This package is intended for people who wish to create a customized fitness program around their personal schedule, fitness goals, and preferences. Not only do you get to choose the options and specialized services that meet your needs, but you even get to select an affordable payment schedule that suits your budget. Also, those who are too busy traveling for work to join a gym can take advantage of our nationwide network of 76 fitness centers.We believe that being your best involves much more than just looking good; it’s about feeling good. It’s about tailoring an exercise program to your needs to help you reach your personal goals. If you sign up before September 1st, you’ll receive a 15% discount off your first year membership. So register today by calling 323-5674.
  • refer to the following e-mail From : Customer Service ([emailprotected]) To: Bob Maher Subject: Service Complaint Date : June 10,2:15 P.M. Dear Mr. Maher, Earlier today you called to report that you have experienced problems with the picture quality of your cable television service over the past few days. After looking into this matter, we discovered that a junction box near your location was in need of repairs, and we sent out a crew to fix it. We have repaired the problem and expect that you have already noticed a marked improvement in the quality of your picture. We sincerely apologize for difficulties you were experiencing with our service. We value you as a customer and will be mailing you a $15 gift card for QCV Cinemas. The card should arrive within the next two weeks and can be used at any QCV cinema in the province. Thank you again for choosing Choice Cable as your Cable Television provider. Sincerely, Brooke Moorefield
  • refer to the following article. Upcoming Restaurant Opening By Ben Maxwell - Fairmount Daily Telegraph Contributor FAIRMOUNT - Luigi's Kitchen will be open for business on Thursday, May 1st. Luigi's is another welcome addition to the many fine dining establishments located in Fairmount's waterfront district. Head Chef Luigi San Gregorio says, "Luigi's specializes in fine Italian cuisine derived from his native upbringing in Rome. This delicious yet fairly common cuisine will be prepared to the highest possible standards using the finest ingredients. Customers can expect the freshest pasta, meats and seasonal vegetables. Our goal is to complete customer satisfaction and to ensure that they return over and over again." San Gregorio, formerly head chef at Chez Mario's, began making a plan to open his own restaurant in Fairmount over two years ago. He evaluated several locations around the area but was set on the waterfront district. He ended up leasing space in the former garment warehouse building and helped pay for the renovations. San Gregorio added, "I worked closely with special architects and city planners to ensure that most of the original structure was preserved and in line with current city zoning laws. We wanted to respect the rich history of this area." Luigi's is spectacular inside and out. It remains to be seen whether the food is as appealing as the decor. Luigi's Kitchen will be open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. The menu offers a wide selection of pricing options with the average price of a dinner being comparable to most restaurants in the waterfront district.
  • refer to the following online chat discussionSteven Wallace3:10 P.M.Hi, all! How about taking in a movie tonight?Beth Hon3:11 P.M.Great!Bill Johns3:15 P.M.I’d like to, but my presentation is due next week and I should really work on that.Steven Wallace3:16 P.M.I thought you had done all your research for that already.Bill Johns3:17 P.M.I had, but I have trouble in trying to put the whole thing together.Beth Hon3:18 P.M.Have you made your outline yet?Bill Johns3:20 P.M.No, I don’t usually bother with that. I will arrange my research and my thought when I make my presentation.Beth Hon3:22 P.M.Well, there’s your problem. If you write a clear outline with the main points, you can just plug in your facts to support your argument.Steven Wallace3:23 P.M.I couldn’t agree more, Beth.Bill Johns3:25 P.M.You’re probably right. I guess I should hammer out a good outline first. Thank you.
  • refer to the following letter.Stratford Advertising Agency 2202 Michelan StreetChicago, IL 78432(800) 555-9810February 10Dear Ms. Elaine Feinstein,Thank you for inquiring about the services offered by Stratford Advertising Agency (SAA). Enclosed is some information you requested including a brochure and some samples of our recent advertising campaigns. — [1]—Furthermore, I also included a list of companies that we are currently working with. You may already know that SAA manages the marketing and advertising for many different types of businesses, which gives these firms the opportunity to concentrate on other aspects of their operations. — [2] —.To further assist our clients with their needs, we host a variety of presentations throughout the year that can be attended for a nominal fee. The next session, entitled “Staying Competitive in a Down Market,” is scheduled for Thursday, March 5, at 7:00 P.M. at our branch office on Freeman Avenue. At that event, you will have the opportunity to meet and talk with some of our satisfied clients. If you would like to attend, please call Ms. Lisa Vaughn at extension 207 to register for this event. — [3] —.Please contact me if you would like to schedule a new client consultation or receive a price quote for our services. I am also available to meet with you in person if you prefer. — [4] —.We look forward to doing business with you.Sincerely,Allen Fitzgerald
  • refer to the following advertisem*nt.Office Decor Inc2001 McGill StMontreal, Quebec H3A 161(514) 849-6000If you're considering an upgrade to the decor of your office space at an affordable price, Off ice Decor Inc. is exactly what you're looking for. We specialize in offices of all sizes and will customize the decor according to the image you wish to portray. At Off ice Decor Inc., we have our own in-house design team that will walk you through all the different options; this gives our customers a diverse selection of designs from which to choose.Customers who occupy over 2,000 square feet receive free floral arrangements for your lobby in the spring and summer. Imagine yourself in an upscale, professional office atmosphere that will motivate your employees and impress your clients. Call Office Decor Inc. today for a free consultation.
  • refer to the following job posting.First Vision Bank Posting Date: May 21Position Type: Branch ManagerContact: First Vision Bank WebsiteLocation: Tampa, FL, USAEmployerFirst Vision Bank is one of the largest banks on the east coast with 1,425 branches in 11 states and employs over 25,000 people. In Florida alone, there are 470 branches. On March 11th, First Vision Bank was named the best employer in the Southeastern Region by the Sunshine Times of South Florida. We provide a competitive salary and benefits, and excellent opportunities for career growth.Responsibilities and RequirementsDuties will include managing and evaluating branch staff. Also responsible for efficient and effective consumer banking sales, service, and relationship management of our customers. The successful candidate will possess excellent organizational and communication skills and a strong knowledge of bank products and services. Previous managerial experience desired.To be considered for this position, interested individuals must apply online at www.firstvisionbank.com by July 31. Interviews will be conducted the week of August 20th.
  • refer to the following e-mails.From:[emailprotected]To:cshirey @ kwrealty.comSubject:2016 Wickham CourtDate:April 4Dear Ms. Shirey,I drove by one of the houses that you suggested to me on the way home from work yesterday. It’s a convenient location for me since I work at a nearby bank. The house has great curb appeal with its nice brick work. I also really like that it has a detached garage.However, I am slightly confused. I have seen two different prices listed for this house, one on your real estate company’s website and the other on a flyer outside the property. The flyer lists the price as $5,000 more than the website does. Which one of these prices is accurate? Anyway, would you be able to set up a time for me to view the inside of the house?Thanks.Nathan Hays__________________________________________From:[emailprotected]To: [emailprotected]Re: 2016 Wickham CourtDate: April 4Dear Mr. Hays,I’m glad that you are interested in this property. I apologize for the confusion regarding the listing price. The higher price on the flyer is incorrect as it does not reflect the recent price reduction. The correct price is the one listed on my company’s website.I would be happy to set up a time for you to view the interior of the house. Just let me know which days and times you are available this week and I will speak to the owner and schedule an appointment.In the meantime, if I can answer any other questions, please feel free to call me at 804-555¬9520.I look forward to working with you.Regards,Charlotte Shirey
  • refer to the following program and letter. Pantages Theater Presents The Magic CabinetWritten by Bridget Darcy Directed by April WellsCast of charactersMuseum Owner played by Lee JonesChild played by Patricia CleoTeacher played by Chris Clinton Ghost played by Jim PrenticeSeptember 207 P.M. The cast and crew would like to thank the following organizations for their generous contributions to the performance. National Culture CenterPlaywright Throne FoundationGerry Knight ______________________________________September 21Dear April, I thoroughly enjoyed last nights performance. The actors delivered a realistic and dramatic performance. I was most impressed by the man who played the teacher. Please pass along my compliments to him. I was hoping that you would be free to join me for lunch sometime over the next couple of weeks. I have begun to write a play that I would like to share with you. It’s another dramatic production that will star Kelly Peel. I have chosen most of the cast myself, but I am still searching for a director, and would be thrilled if you would accept the position. I will be out of town beginning October 5. Please give me a call before then to let me know when you might be available to meet. Warmest Regards, Samantha Kee
  • refer to the following advertisem*nt, schedule and form.ABC Australian Business Commission “How to build a business from scratch”Starting your own business isn’t easy and poses unexpected challenges for most. ABC prepares new entrepreneurs with the tools required to make sound decisions about various issues regarding new business start-ups.In September, we’re offering a series of seminars. The cost of each session is AUS $95.00 with registration closing three working days before the scheduled seminar. All sessions will be held at the ABC head office located at 512 Downsview in Melbourne. Registration forms can be faxed to 715-2387 or mailed to the address indicated on the form. Online registration is also available on our website, www.abc.org.au. Click on Registration link._________________________________________NumberTitleDayDate TimeC805Hiring skilled laborMondaySeptember 812 P.M.-4 P.M.C806Effective Managing TechniquesTuesdaySeptember 94 P.M. - 8 P.M.C811Preparing Company Policies and ProtocolFridaySeptember 199 A.M.-1P.M.C825Negotiating with Vendors and SuppliersTuesdaySeptember 234 P.M.-8 P.M.Note: We reserve the right to cancel a session due to lack of interest. A full refund would be issued._________________________________ABC Australian Business Commission512 Downsview Boulevard ^Melbourne * Australia *3831Phone: 715-2323 *Fax: 715-2387 * www.abc.org.au*e-mail: [emailprotected]REGISTRATION FORM Name: Sean RafteryAddress: 111 Elizabeth St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, AustraliaPhone: (Phone) 545-2611 (Mobile phone) 545-5667E-mail: [emailprotected]Company Name: Raftery Textiles LimitedSeminar wish to attend (indicate number): C825Have you participated in a ABC seminar before? NoDo you require accommodations to fully participate in the seminar? Yes Payment: (Do not mail cash, cash payment must be submitted in person)Credit Card: X Check enclosed: ___Credit Card Type: AUSTEX____ SUPR X BLUCARD____Credit Card Number: 9876-5432-1234-5678Comments/Requests: Please contact me by e-mail.
  • refer to the following price list, order form and online review.http://www.redhilltourguides.comRed Hill Tour GuidesHomeTour ProgramsBest- Selling BooksPlace OrderReviewsCity Guide BooksThe following is a partial list of our best-selling books.ItemPriceItem NumberSan Francisco Bay Area$29.95#51601New York Skyline$29.99#51603Romance in Switzerland$28.99#43567Italy Highlights$27.99#43568Marvelous Paris$28.95#43570First Love in Tokyo$24.99#43569Fantastic Madrid$19.99#43572_____________________________________http://www.redhilltourguides.cornRed Hill Tour Guides HomeTour ProgramsBest- Selling BooksPlace OrderReviewsTo place an order, complete the order form below or call our toll free number at Same day rush delivery is available.(Telephone order only)Name : Silvia DunkenAddress: 4088 Rosemore Drive, Henxington, CA 20698Phone number : (506-980-9800)ItemPriceItem NumberTotalRomance in Switzerland$28.99#43567$ 115.92Italy Highlights$27.99#43568Marvelous Paris$28.95#43570Historical Beauty in London$29.99#43770Regular shipping (7-10 days) costs $5.95 and express shipping (within 3 days) costs $10.95._____________________________________http://www.redhilltourguides.comRed Hill Tour GuidesHomeTour ProgramsBest-Selling BooksPlace OrderReviewsSeptember 16Dear Red Hill, Customer Service DepartmentI am writing to compliment Red Hill Publication on its excellent service and commitment to its quality. I recently ordered the guides to London, Switzerland, Italy and Paris in preparation for a trip to Europe. I paid the charge for regular shipping and was pleasantly surprised when my order arrived in just four days. When I opened the box, I was even more delighted. The books were outstanding! I was impressed with the beautiful layout and breathtaking photographs even before I left for my vacation. When I arrived at my destination, I quickly discovered how wonderful they truly are.Every detail was accurate and the guides covered not only famous, must-see sights, but also many little-known places that turned out to be very worth a visit. Had I not ordered books from Red Hill, I am sure I would have missed some worthwhile sightseeing opportunities.Please count me as a new loyal customer. I have already recommended your books to friends who are planning trips abroad and will continue to do so.Sincerely,Silvia
  • refer to the following letter, invoice and e-mail.WILDWOOD CAMPING GEAR 259 Bear CourtMountain View, Colorado 50007904.555.5555[emailprotected]Dear customer,Our small, child's raincoats in blue are out-of-stock. We took the liberty of sending one in red because you stated that you need the shipment to arrive before this weekend when you and your son are going camping. All other items should be enclosed, as ordered. You did not identify a color for the Deluxe Pack so we shipped it in black. We tried to call you about both the color of the Bluebird Pack and the Deluxe Pack. A message was left on your phone. If your order is over $200, shipping is free. Have a wonderful time camping!_____________________________________________Invoice #4527Bill To:Renaldo Wise749 Mulberry St. Leafmont, Rhode Island 22099Ship To: (same)ItemDescriptionQuantityCost7982Mountain Tent (for 2)1054Kid's Bluebird Pack1$159.991067Deluxe Pack1$21.979856Child's Raincoat1$89.99Size small, red1$19.96Total: $291.91Tax: $8.76Total Due: $300.67_____________________________________________From: (renaldowise @ gmail.net)To: ([emailprotected])Re: Invoice #4527Date: September 19I am returning the red child’s raincoat using the return label provided. My son is in a blue phase and will wear nothing else. He and I will shop retail for a blue coat on our way out of town. I am otherwise very happy with your products and service. We assembled the tent in the living room to avoid any surprises while camping, and my son slept in it last night. It meets with his approval.Please send me an amended invoice (by e-mail is fine) and I will immediately mail you a check for the correct amount.Renaldo Wise
_____the increasing popularity of the Irish rock band Cornerstone, many concert promoters have invited the group to perform in cities across the U. (2024)


Which of the following are common ways that entertainment attorneys are paid? ›

The so-called "billable hour" is still the most common method of payment. Many attorneys ask for a retainer, which is an advance payment for legal work. The amount of the retainer is included in the attorney-client fee agreement.

Who is the #1 selling rock band? ›

Best-selling artists worldwide as of 2022

Perhaps unsurprisingly, British rock band The Beatles are top of the list for best-selling artists worldwide, with 183 million units certified sales.

Who is the greatest Irish band of all time? ›

Thin Lizzy have been voted Ireland's greatest band of all time in a poll of more than 10,000 people.

What is the highest paid lawyer type? ›

As of 2024, the top five highest paid types of lawyers are:
  • Patent Attorneys.
  • Intellectual property (IP) Attorneys.
  • Trial Lawyers.
  • Tax Attorneys.
  • Corporate Lawyers.
Feb 19, 2024

What is it called when a lawyer is paid with money that's won? ›

Contingency fees mean you will pay the lawyer a certain percentage of the money you receive if you win the case or settle the matter out of court. If you lose your case, the lawyer does not receive any payment from you.

What kind of lawyers do celebrities have? ›

Get Cast Today

An entertainment lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in—you guessed it—the entertainment industry. Entertainment lawyers provide legal counsel and representation for industry professionals, including actors, writers, and directors.

What is the most famous rock in Ireland? ›

Giant's Causeway

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is made up of 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns, which were formed by volcanic activity 40–50 million years ago.

What is a famous rock band group from Ireland? ›

U2, The Cranberries, The Dubliners, The Coors and Westlife are arguably some of the best-known Irish groups from the last 50 years.

What is the most popular Irish boy band? ›


Westlife, one of the most successful Irish boy bands, has left an indelible mark on the pop music landscape. Formed in 1998, this group quickly rose to fame with their harmonious vocals and catchy melodies.

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